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Tribal Voice Connections
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About our Amazing Tribal Voice Team

​Samantha Nyadbi Martin - Director 
Aboriginal Medicine Woman

Aboriginal woman and Medicine Woman, Samantha Martin - Is a proud Indigenous woman driven by her passion to follow in the bloodlines of her traditional people.  Born of the Kija and Jaru tribes in Western Australia's East Kimberley Region, Samantha now finds peace and harmony in Far North Queensland.

Samantha is the host of a unique TV show on NITV/SBS titled: My Bush Tukka Adventures with Samantha Martin, which showcases Samantha’s exceptional gift to locate bush tukka from all corners of our weather challenged heartland. 

As the Director of Tribal Voice Connections, Samantha celebrates the strength and wisdom her people and her culture have endured. By acknowledging the past, Samantha believes that we can make a difference to the present by being positive leaders!


Barbara Malarski - Tribal Voice Manager
Dr of Chinese Medicine, Food & Wellness Expert 

Combining thirty years of professional experience in health and education, Barbara Malarski holds a wealth of knowledge and experience including Masters level credentials. She is a leader in Australia in a powerful new fusion of the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and the cutting-edge power of energy medicine. In addition to this, Barbara’s skills include a potent natural intuitive strength to hone and deepen her diagnostic capacities. Her commitment to her own personal development is reflected in a 20-year Yoga practice and extensive personal and spiritual development, including meditation and Taoist Health practices whichshe incorporates into her daily life.
With Credentials  in education and  a  Masters degree in Acupuncture from the University of Western Sydney, Barbara’s extensive training has been gained in Australia, and Japan .

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Jill Chism -Movement 4 AWARENESSYoga Instructor and Artist

Jill Chism is a practicing YOGI with 20 years of experience under a range of different teachers.
She has a Master of Creative Arts as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a teaching degree. Jill is also a professional artist.

Since age 21 Jill has been committed to a spiritual practice and maintaining ‘awareness’. She understands the need, in this complex world, for integrating mind and spirit. She is particularly aware that through our increased use of Information and Communication Technologies and our primarily sedentary lives, that we have become disconnected from our breath and our bodies: that focus on these aspects is necessary for our journey to wholeness.

Jill’s teaching style is tailored to the individual although she also understands that it is the client’s responsibility to tend to their health. Her advice is that clients should not experience pain or contraindicate their health by any of the suggested movements or exercises, as this is not beneficial and can be dangerous.

Movement4Awareness sessions cater for experienced and inexperienced yoga and fitness clients as the situation presents. Jill’s mantra is that ‘all that matters is the present moment’, not what we’ve done in the past or about to do in the future. That by aligning ourselves with the present moment we step into the vertical dimension of Spirit and out of the linear/ horizontal time-based experience, in which we mostly tread. Being present we simply engage with the vitality of movement and breath and not with conceptual expectations of our self and others.

Jaye Clair - Team Workshop Facilitor
Self Empowering & Wellbeing Counsellor 

Jaye Clair well respected Ganglidda Garawa woman who has extensive experience and background in hosting wellbeing, counselling and Education & Community workshops. Jaye is extemely passionate in personal healing and self empowerment and has hosted and run her own workshops to women throughout Far North Queensland, Central Desert and Tasmania. Jaye has worked with Aboriginal women, Elders and Men in prison, Refugee/Migrant families and varies community women's groups employing art, storytelling & using symbols as a vehicle for sharing and healing. 

Candice Thorley- Art Expression Faciliator & Counsellor

​Candice Thorley has two beautiful daughters, which she has been blessed with and so appreciated by their joyfulness and honours their inspiration in life. She has been working with and through out this beautiful country most of her life, she now is based in Mission Beach but travels worldly with her two children with her growing organisation

Her passion is creating life in what ever way it maybe be created. Connecting the source of mind body and soul, through powerful ceremony tools to your amazing mind in mediation and your physical body and yoga. She loves to work with the natural elements of nature creating tools of creation to work with in ceremonies and our day to day life.  She creates power tools, wands, crowns, headdresses and dreamcatchers.

She has the ability to bring people together to allow their personalities to shine through opening the creativeness within.

Swaran Chander - Team Leader
Workshop Faciliator & Counsellor