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Tribal Voice Connections
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Tribal Voice Wellness Camps
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Tribal Voice Wellness Camps is based on the collaboration of ancient Indigenous healing practices and knowledge coming together to provide the ultimate healing and wellness package. Each Wellness Camp will be specially designed, offering a variety of personal and group workshops along with holistic therapies provided by our well qualified team.

Tribal Voice Wellness Camps will be situated in quiet and nurturing surroundings to encourage ours clients to disconnect from their busy worlds and lifestyles. The natural bush lands will provide space to Relax, Restore, and Reconnect to your inner self.

Most camps will take place in Far North Queensland, the venues and location will vary from camp to camp.
All Wellness Camps will be themed connecting to the universal changes and offerings will also vary from camp to camp;

T he main offerings are as follow:

  • A Traditional Welcome to Country smoking ceremony by a Traditional Elder or representative from the local tribes.
  • Didgeridoo Energy Healing - TBA
  • Ochre Ceremony
  • Fire & Water Ceremony
  • Connections Circles
  • Camp fire yarn time

  • ‘Own Time’ - Private rest and restoration time
  • A Welcome pack on arrival
  • Comfortable Safari tents which sleep two - single beds provided per person
​      (Single accommodation is optional upon request - additional fees will apply)
  • Fresh, organic market fruits and vegetables 
  • Specially catered food
  • Candle lit evenings

  • Dream Catcher workshops
  • Weaving workshops
  • Healing workshops
  • Chinese medicine practitioner on camp
  • Chinese Acupuncture & massage session for everyone
  • Daily Yoga - body movements
  • Mediation circles 
  • Swimming time in beautiful freshwater streams and waterfalls
  • Your unique totem naming will be provided by Aboriginal host and Aboriginal Medicine Woman Samantha Nyudbi Martin

  • Light loose clothing as it gets hot and humid in the tropics
  • A light cardigan for the evenings 
  • Swimmers and a sarong 
  • Hiking shoes & a pair of flip flops, hat, sunglasses
  • A sense of adventure and a sense of humour
  • An open heart and open mind

  • Accommodation can vary depending on the weather and where the camps are held (you will be advised of this at your time of enquiry)
  • You’ll mostly be staying in mosquito proof Safari tents which sleeps two people with two single beds and foam mattresses - semi luxury camping
  • All camping gear will be provided by us: beds & mattresses, linen, towel and pillow, camping chair, torches

  • Some of the camps may be in environments where there are rugged surfaces and uneven ground. Good shoes are therefore required. . There will be some bush walking and climbing rocks and rainforest terrains for those that are interested.  
  • Daily morning yoga session will be encouraged to get the body and mind moving. The yoga is designed to ensure everyone can participate with light and nurturing Movements that are gentle AND DESIGNED TO CATER FOR ALL LEVELS.

  • At the introduction you will be given a schedule of events throughout the day with time structured listed for you to rest and relax. 
  • Everything is optional, but we do ask that you participate in the treatments, workshops and gatherings as these are designed to help you move through any unwanted 'stories' or experiences that are holding you back from reaching your full happiness.
  • All our activities are designed by our fully qualified and amazing team to provide you with tools, knowledge and wisdom for your own self development and personal growth
Only you can answer that question! Our Tribal Voice Wellness Camps are designed to offer a space for women who are ready to rediscover themselves, to reconnect with their inner ambitions and desires and to regain a healthier and more nurturing balanced lifestyle.
If you would like to gauge whether you would be suitable, the team have come up with a series of 'self awareness questions'; if you can identify with more then 5 of these questions, then you would certainly benefit from our Wellness Camps;
  1. Do you sleep well at night?
  2. Do you constantly feel drain and washed out?
  3. Do you tend to put your family and friends before yourself and your own personal health?
  4. Have you noticed signs of stress in your face, hair, body and internal health - i.e.; organs?
  5. Have you been on a wellness treatment like this? 
  6. When was the last time you took some quiet time for you? 
  7. Do you have old emotions or as we call it 'baggage' you would like to finally face and deal with it in a safe and nurturing environment?
  8. Do you feel guilty if you take time out for yourself?
  9. Are you happy in your life at current? and if not what would you like to change? 
  10. Do you feel nurtured by your spouse, children, and extended family?
  11. Do you feel nurtured and supported by your friends?
  12. Do you know how to nurture yourself? ?
  13. Have you had a mental, physical or emotional breakdown?
  14. Can you benefit from a Camp like this?
  15. Do you have knowledge and tools of how to deal with your emotions?